$250,000 Investment in New Saw Sharpening Machinery and Upgrades

May 17, 2017

Throughout the last year Connecticut Saw & Tool has invested nearly $250,000 in our saw blade sharpening department. The purchase of two Vollmer CP200 carbide saw grinders and one Loroch Ekostar 760 HSS / Cold Saw grinder brings our total sharpening capacity to over 1000 saw blades per shift per week with sixteen automatic saw grinders. Additionally, our Vollmer CX100 machines were upgraded from water based grinding coolant to fully synthetic oil; each with 5 micron filtration systems. The filtered oil coupled with 1200 grit grinding wheels provides a mirror like surface finish on the carbide teeth for ultra smooth cuts and long life between sharpenings.

This investment ensures Connecticut Saw & Tool can continue to provide the highest quality saw blade sharpening service that our customers expect and love!