Brazed Tooling

Connecticut Saw & Tool offers brazed carbide tools for routers, shapers, moulders, saws, and all other types of machinery. Carbide tipped tooling is often the type of tooling our customers are most familiar with. Although it lacks the profile repeatability and long service life of PCD tipped tools – carbide tipped tooling offers its own benefits and has its place in almost every shop.

Carbide tipped tooling advantages are:

  • Lower initial cost compared to insert or PCD tipped tools
  • Shorter lead times to manufacture compared to insert or PCD tipped tools
  • Easily resharpened by all properly equipped grinding facilities
  • Most often used for short runs or one time projects
  • Can be retipped if worn out or damaged

To get started with custom carbide tipped tools – email us a drawing; fax a sketch or ship a wood sample and we can begin to discuss if this is the right solution for your needs!

Custom & Stock Tooling Solutions

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