Planer and Jointer Knives

We offer a full selection of high speed steel, carbide tipped, and solid carbide planer knives and jointer knives for all types of heads and machines. In additional to traditional smooth back thin planer knives and jointer knives we also stock knives for the following quick change planer and jointer knife systems:

  • Tersa Knives
  • Terminus Knives
  • Esta Dispozablade Knives
  • Centrolock Knives
  • Centrostar knives
  • Enshin Knives
  • Sinus Knives
  • Variplan Knives
  • Solid Carbide indexible knives

Knives can be cut to size to fit your particular planer or jointer head, for pricing please specify length x width x thickness.

We also sell planer and jointer heads – please call to inquire about changing your machine from a traditional planer and jointer head to a Terminus head, Tersa head, Byrd Shelix head, or Esta Dispozablade system.

Connecticut Saw & Tool is also one of the few facilities in the country that can inexpensively sharpen both solid carbide and high speed steel Tersa, Terminus, and Centrolock quick change knives.

Custom & Stock Tooling Solutions

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